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ABOUT: Claire and Scarves by Claire

Scarves by Claire was created when an interest in Eco-Printing began in 2017. After spending years in the fashion and hospitality industries, Claire decided to leave the hectic pace of Los Angeles and move to New Mexico with her husband.

While continuing her passion for cooking and gardening, Claire was inspired by the beautiful landscape of the area. She wanted to create something unique that combined both fashion and nature. Since eco-printing is the process of transferring plant images to fabric or paper, Claire's goal is to collect and use as many local botanicals as possible in her scarves.

After mastering the process of eco-printing leaves on different types of silk, Claire then decided to add a new twist by hand dyeing the scarves in rich colors.

People not only love the natural leaf imprints, and the individuality of the scarves, but they are drawn to the gorgeous palette of natural and hand-dyed colors.

We already have a devout following! Here are a few testimonials:

  • “I can't believe how beautiful the scarves are!!! The photos were good, but didn't really convey the beauty of the colors and designs. The colors and shading are perfect for me. I love the way the color gradually fades or bleeds throughout the scarf. There are so many design possibilities with this art. Hand-crafted is truly a treasure to wear.” Marcia, TX
  • "I have 3 beautiful scarves from Claire and I love them. The high quality fabric, rich colors and beautiful designs make a distinctive statement to complete every outfit and any occasion."  Eileen, NM
  • "Love the scarf my brother sent me for Christmas! Colors are beautiful, love the leaf design! I have received many compliments on it when I wear it!" Margaret A. In Pennsylvania
  • “I opened the package with the beautiful scarves and my dilemma began. While I had planned the teal for myself and the red for my friend, I've been struggling all day to decide which one to keep!” Ellen, FL
  • "I have several elegant scarves by Claire. I'm usually not a 'scarf ' person because I don't like the fabric weight or texture of most department store scarves. The scarves Claire makes are luxurious feeling, and they are the perfect weight for year round.  The patterns are individual, unique,  and gorgeous." Elizabeth, TX
  • "These are so beautiful and each scarf is unique; it made the process of picking just one a challenge. I gave this as a gift, and the recipient was absolutely thrilled!" Sam, NM
  • "Claire's scarves are unique, beautiful and stylish. The colors are amazing. I always get compliments when I wear mine!" Kathleen, ME
  • "I LOVE that these scarves are hand dyed using local botanicals, when possible.  They are luxurious, yet affordable.  There is an exquisite range of colors and styles to choose from.  A perfect gift. My mother loved her scarf."  Michael, NM.

Our goal is to create scarves that are not simply functional, but are beautiful and unique accessories that you will love wearing or giving as gifts.

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